Experience Registering my Business in NYC

In February I met with Score, great organization, some of the advise they gave I heard before but it was great to have it reinforced, the main advise was to register my business. Most people have told me it will cost $30, not for New York City. First I went to Westchester County Court, very easy, go up to the third floor filled in the form and the Clerk checked if the name is available and it was, all great so far. Here comes the Notary, sorry you need a Westchester address to register in Westchester you’ll need to register in New York City, great. I map my way to New York County Court knowing there will be no parking but I’ll take my chances. I found a park three blocks away, not bad. I made my two lefts and go to room 118, window 3.

Me: “Hello, I would like to register my business.”
Clerk: You’ll have to go and buy form 201X from the store next to the Court Deli.”
Me: “I have to leave the Building to buy a form?”
Clerk: Yes.

I went to the store and purchased my form for $2.20 returned to the Court and filled it out. It was reviewed then I was send upstairs for someone to check the business name. Closed door with a note”close for lunch 1-2″. I went back downstairs to inform the Clerk about the sign his reply, “why did she send you upstairs when we could check it here?” All checked out, that would be $110 and 25 cents for a copy. That was my experience registering my company and it wasn’t $30 but $110.25 plus $2.20 for the form.

I learned that the form is not online and it’s a conflict for County Court to sell it. Staples also sells the form for about $30. Another lesson is, if your home address is the same as your business address, make sure you have proof of address if your NYS Drivers License address is different.