Filing for bankruptcy will lower your credit score however filing under Chapter 13 people with a steady income are allowed to keep property that they might otherwise lose through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Under Chapter 13 you must pay a lawyer and get credit counseling from a government approved ... Read More

Difference Between Bookkeeper vs Accountant vs Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Bookkeepers are required to have between two and four years of experience or an associate’s degree.

- Issuing invoices to customers
- Recording invoices from suppliers
- Recording cash receipts from customers
- Paying suppliers
- Recording changes ... Read More

Experience Registering my Business in NYC

In February I met with Score, great organization, some of the advise they gave I heard before but it was great to have it reinforced, the main advise was to register my business. Most people have told me it will cost $30, not for New York City. First I went to Westchester County Court, very easy, go ... Read More